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Project Description
Bonjour Hotel, a web-based, open-source hotel reservation system. These will be useful for hotel administrators and for travel agencies. It's developed in C#, using a blend of these technologies:,, WCF, SQL Server, .net framework 3.5, entity framework and WWF.

Why Bonjour Hotel!
Because I like the name and I really think that outside there, there are a lot of hoteliers that would like to have simple and flexible systems to use. And tourism business is the first on the net.

Why Open Source?
Because I want to try this development model. Because I like challenges. Because I'm a developer.

Why Codeplex?
Because I always found great pieces of software

Project roadmap
Help me. I'm putting down, as you can see on downloads page, technical specifications. This phase is, in my opinion, the most important in the development phase because let you open the mind and decide a road. I'm open to any suggestion. I consider this project not mine but everyone's.

What to do
Design, developing, project management, tester, UI designer, CSS. If you can join in any of these roles, contact me.

marco at tibaldeschi dot it
Please in your subject specify "BONJOUR HOTEL". Thanks. Looking forward to receive your email.

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